Friday, April 30, 2010

Machinima@FMX 2010

FMX 2010 will take place next week from May 04-07 in Stuttgart, Germany. FMX is the leading conference on Animation, Effects, Games and Interactive Media in Europe and has grown to become one of the most important international conferences in the industry during the past few years. I'm invited to present a 1h Machinima screening as part of the ECHTZEIT Lounge and Symposium. The screening will be on May 7th 15:00-16:00. If you plan to attend FMX please let me know. Thank's a lot to all of you who helped and supported me preparing that event. I wish I had more time to screen all the excellent machinima movies that were released since last year.

Here is the final list of films that will be screened at FMX 2010:

Push by Lainy Voom
The Remake by Tom Jantol
Shelf Life: Chapter One by James Spencer and Jon Sortland
Sweet Nothingness by Phil Rice
Clockwork by Iain Friar
The Orchard by Dan Ross
Mo&Ma (Making of) by Thorsten Strack (L4-Kreation)

If time permits, I've planed to screen my movies "9" and "the Graveyard" as well.

In addition next week we'll have here the The Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film (May 4.-9. 2010). It was founded in 1982 and is one of the biggest and most important festivals of animation film worldwide. Although they have not yet a machinima category or screening it's great to see that Friedrich Kirscher will run two machinima workshops there.