Tuesday, November 30, 2010

ATOPIC, Machinima Film Festival - official selection by the Jury

Atopic Machinima Film Festival just published their official list of machimima movies selected by their Jury. I'm happy to see two of my productions ('the Graveyard' and 'Order in Chaos') selected.

"The international dimension was in the richness of the final selection. This selection shows that Machinima has matured in the use of the tool and was able to develop a narrative and aesthetic quality. "

23 films were selected :

55 Sounds To The Sky // Christine Webster et Balthazar Truffaut
A change of art // Luxaeternam
Clear Skies 2 // Ian Chisholm
Ctrl,Alt,Del // Trace Sanderson
Dagon // Trace Sanderson
Fears - [ The Story of Susa Bubble - An Installation by Rose Borchovski ] // Iono Allen
Gcity // Marco Manray
GTAlphaville // Mutatis Mutandis
Incubus // Kate Lee & Sherwin Liu
La Crise // Panda
La fuite de l'empire Aryen // Yälrok
Lovely Family TV // The Lovely Team
mAdvertising // Pooky Amsterdam
Order in chaos // Rohan Fermi
Over Data // Marco Manray
Panic Radio // François Pallin
Stop, Rewind // Harrison Heller
Terra // Rod Pulsar
The Graveyard // Rohan Fermi
The Trashmaster // Mathieu Weschler
Unheimliche // Delbos, Gaudillere, Le Roy, Mutton, Van Lissum
WB Yeats - An Irish Airman Foresees His Death // Russell Boyd
What a night ! // TGO GMBH

The 13 members of the Jury:

Julien Aubert, Transmedia/ARG Executive Producer, Bigger Than Fiction
Thierry Falcoz, Video Games News Director of Nolife TV
Caroline Piras, Director
Laurence Herszberg, Manager of Forum des Images
Catherine Lottier, Journalist
Vincent Ravalec, writer, director and screenwriter
Stéphane Natkin, Manager of ENJMIN School in Angoulème
Benoit Labourdette, Pocket Film Festival
Geraldine Gomez, Hors Pistes Festival, Centre Pompidou
Isabelle Arvers, New media Curator
Jean Menu, Video Games Representative, Universciences
Moira Marguin, In charge of Animation Department, Ecole des Gobelins
Margherita Balzerani, Curator and Art Critic

The criteria on which the jury deliberated were : the originality of the script, staging, quality of the soundtrack and editing, the technical and aesthetic qualities linked with the diversion of the game. The choice was difficult, the debate alive. The diversity of films and the skills of the members contributed to the interest and the uniqueness of this selection.