Saturday, October 24, 2009

Festival News

The list of award winners at Animatu festival is now available:
Animatu Awards List

Cinemanila Machinima has published their winners as well. They have winners for both the Best Music Video and Best Short Film categories. Besides the two Jury Awards they have two Audience Choice Awards as well. Good idea to let both, a jury and the audience, vote for the films they like best.

Machinima Expo has added the final group of films selected for screening at the festival. I'm happy my new film 'the Graveyard' got into that last group.
The Following Films will screen at the Machinima Expo 2009

The final selection of 13 films that are being submitted to the jury for award consideration is now online as well. The films listed represent machinima filmmaking of the highest quality. I'm proud and honoured my abstract film "9" got selected. Some of the films listed already have won at the recent festivals or have at least got nominated. For sure not an easy job for the jury to pick the winners. The winners will be announced at the MachinExpo on November 22, 2009.
Jury Nominations for the Expo

Machiniplex will be Premiering Lainy Voom's film "PUSH" this weekend (Sunday, October 25th) from 10AM to 12AM (Pacific Time) at Hathead's Theatre in Second Life.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Animatu Award Winners

Animatu festival has send out the list of this years award winners.
For Machinima:

Sweet Nothingness
Direction: Phil Rice

A lovely and well crafted comedy made with ZenCube3D. Not many machinima films were made with this Machinima Tool and even worse it's no longer available, but had so much potential.

Congratulations Phil.

Now I hope he will accept the invitation for next years festival and fly to Europe. Guess that's a nice and easy chance to meet him. I'll add a link to the full list of winners of all categories as soon as it's available on their website.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Festival News

Bitfilm Festival announced the winners and the ranking for the Machinima Award. My entry "Liberty City" ended up on 10, just behind Overman's "Blast Supper" and "Intervention".
By checking out the Bitfilm channel on YouTube a bit closer I recognized that actually "Liberty City" ended up to be the "most viewed non-WoW machinima".

Machinima Expo released their
List of Films Screening at the Machinima Expo.
This is not the final list. They will add more films during the next weeks. None of my submissions showed up so far, but the list contains many known and even some exciting fresh new movies.

Atopic Festival that will take place at the Cité des Sciences in Paris, between October the 27th of October, and November the 4th has finally selected my first film "Desassossego" to be shown in the “Narrative” screening. "Liberty City" was preselected, but was not selected in fine by the commitee. Sisch is in there with "Saving Grace" and with "Kate Lee's The Afflicted" at the 1st Cinemanila Machinima Film.

Cinemanila Machinima Film Festival the 1st Machinima festival in the Philippines has just opened public voting. You can watch and vote for the entries at the festival website.
Vote for your favourite machinima now. I'm quite happy my abstract film "9" made it into the 'short film' section and "the Graveyard" is selected for the 'music video' section.
I couldn't submit "Liberty City" for this festival but agreed they could show it at some festival events. I got some very very nice feedback from them already:
"And now, for some good news! :) We've been introducing machinima to local campuses this week and we've been presenting Liberty City as a machinima that local machinimators can aspire to create. And everytime when your film ends, we can hear some students clapping (you know that kind of clapping when you see something amazing for the first time and you're just awed by it, you just have to clap? Yep, that kind :D )"
That's why I love to make movies.

"Liberty City" will be screend at ARSGAMES at MADRID (Spain)from 19th to 22th november 2009 at La Casa Encendida Art Center

Animatu Festival, the 2009 edition will occur on October, 14-18, at Pax Julia - Municipal Theatre, in Beja, Portugal. The winners will be announced during the final award ceremony on Saturday.

TMUundergound community announed the winners for their First Annual Ollies Awards

Thursday, October 8, 2009

New Movie: the Graveyard.

After playing the game for the first time at the start of this, I wanted to make a movie with it. Tale of Tales "the Graveyard." is a very short computer game designed by Auriea Harvey and Michaël Samyn. It's more like an explorable painting than an actual game. An experiment with realtime poetry, with storytelling without words. I was really happy, when Auriea and Michaël gave me the ok to use their game for making a machinima movie with it. Unfortunaley I had to put that project on hold right after the start, but after the release of "9" I finally was in the right mood again to finish that movie. Too many words already. Here it is:

the Graveyard.
An old lady - A graveyard - Memories.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Machiniplex Premiere of "9": Audio & Text online

For those who couldn't attend the Machiniplex Premiere of "9" or just want to listen or read through the dicussion again - Thanks to Rick and Phil audio & text of the Premiere is now online available at the Machiniplex Blog Website:
Audio & Text from Machiniplex Premiere of "9"

In addition digitalphil posted some nice pictures and comment about the Premiere on his blog at

Next Premiere on Machiniplex will be Lainy Voom's "Push", an outstanding and inspiring machinima film. Hope to meet you at the Premiere.
Premiere for Lainy Voom's "Push" on October 25th