Friday, December 18, 2009

Dragon Age Toolset News

The community using the Dragon Age Toolset is steadily growing. Besides some Machinima tests I've not seen any Dragon Age Machinima so far, but that will change soon. Some members have already announced to work on a Machinima film.
The Dragon Age Forum has been better structured and now the Toolset has 6 sub-forums. One called 'Cutscenes' which is for disussions around Machinima and the tools to be used to create cinematics (like the cutscene and FaceFX editor). 'search' is now working as well in the forum.

A new version of the Toolset has been released (Version 1.01). This version fixes the missing FaceFX entry and now using the toolset should no longer interfere with playing the game.
And even better - it now has ALL the game assets form the single player campaign included (levels, cutscenes, etc.) . Ready to explore, learn from and ready use in your own mods or machinima. Single player and core resource source files are available as seperate downloads as well.

The number of video tutorials for the toolkit is growing.
DragonAge22's toolset video tutorials (now 12) where the last two are cutscene/machinima tutorials. DragonAge22's video's on YT

SilentCid has reworked and improved his video tutorials:
Cid's Video Tutorials ver. 2 parts 1,2, and 3
Cid's Video Tutorials Version 2 Part 4

Qkrch shows how to begin with the DA toolset, focused for the experienced NWN builder.
Videos are in youtube, HD enabled, spanish voice with English subtitles: Qkrch's Toolset tutorials Spanish/English sub

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