Friday, July 31, 2009

New Movie: 9

It's finished, my first abstact film inspired by the work of Oskar Fischinger, Hans Richter, Stan Brakhage. It's a motion graphics experiment I have worked on together with my friend Martin G├╝rtner (who did the sound for my movie 'Desassossego'). For sure it's on an extreme edge of what maybe one could call machinima. Even I'm not sure to call it a machinima movie, but I have strong arguments it fits into that genre. But who cares. I hope you enjoy watching it.


  1. Bravo, CD. I'm so glad you are creating machinima in this style. So few people explore the rich heritage of modernist works by the directors you mention (and many more like Man Ray). Beautiful visuals with perfect music. I sincerely hope you submit this film to the Expo this year.

    I'd love to host this at machiniplex if it's ok with you. Please contact me via email

    Great idea and a wonderful film. I hope you create more in this style.

  2. Interesting. What tools were involved in the making of this?

  3. Tnx fo your encouraging comments. For sure I'll create (at least one) more in this style.
    Ricky, I'll PM you about the machiniplex invitation.
    @Phil: visuals are done with vvvv (, an interesting toolkit for real time video synthesis. Programming in that environment is done graphically (like Max/MSP for MIDI, Sound). I used Fraps to grab then edited it to the music.

  4. Very nice work! You're right, it only fits the definition of machinima with difficulty. But who cares? It stands on its own, as an artwork in its own right. Keep it up!

  5. This is an exciting piece. I'd love to have a go real time graphics :) I have occasionally drooled over but been put off by having to compile. I can see that this one is node based, how intuitive did you find the program to use?- Kate

  6. Tnx Klipper, I don't want to reveal too much right now about how this movie was created, but it's amazingly close to the definition of Machinima. For sure it depends which definition and how you read it :). Right, at the end the artwork has to stand and succeed on it's own.

    Kate, great you like the movie. Good to hear you are planning some realtime grafix work as well.
    It's unfortunaly not an easy answer to your question. For vvvv it's essential to read and worl thorugh their basic tutorial before you start. vvvv has it's own user interface, which is a non-standard to handle, but indeed very efficient when you have learned some basics.
    Great is that the program is real-time and interactive, means no compile or even start and stop the program to make changes work.
    It's very powerful, but you have to get some of the basic concepts to understand how it works. Looking at the extensive set of examples helps a lot.
    Even I'm used to these node based tools a lot, it's often much easier for me to use Processing like lools, which is mainly Java. I'm still much more used to think in Java and that kind of programming languages programming. PM me if you have any further questions or need help.

  7. Thanks for the reply, hopefully we'll get more chance to talk at the mplex premiere :)-Kate

  8. np, great to hear you'll attend the Premiere.
    I'm already very excited. cu there