Friday, July 17, 2009

Machinima and 3D

Another interesting opportunity request from Bitfilm:

"Is there a stereo 3D version of your film available or would it be easy for you to produce it?
We have been asked to provide films for a stereo 3D cinema programme all over Germany, so maybe your film would fit?"

Unfortunately I don't have such a 3D version nor would I'll be able to produce on for that version. But as it looks like that request fits well in the new trend for 3D we are seeing right now. Nvidia is heavily marketing their 3D viewing gear now and with the movie theatres go digital more 3D films are actually shown.
I always loved 3D, although most films I've seen were not very convincing. But I've run into every 3D theatre or ride when I found one. I still have some old Toshiba LCD shutter glasses on my shelf and my first step into Machinma was curiously a 3D production (using H
MD technology and Unreal Tournment).
When planned right and setting up the right workflow producing 3D machinima shoudln't be very complicated.
Has anyone of you ever tried/finished a 3D machinima or know of one? Or are there any plans for creating a 3D machinima?
I'm not sure yet if today we see just one of these 3D hypes that show up from time to time, or this time interest will persisit. Maybe it's even a future market for Machinima movies.


  1. I was asked the same thing (I guess everyone was), and it would have helped if they had specified exactly what they want... or how to achieve it. Maybe they'll send a follow-up email?

  2. I'm not sure if it's just a returning fad either, or if the fascination with 3d is here to stay this time. But it's certainly interesting to think about how one could pull it off in machinima.

  3. Hi

    I am the product manager for NVIDIA 3D Vision, our 3d viewing solution. If you want to talk to us more about authoring or creating some Machinima videos in 3D, I can help.

    We have the ability in house to record the output from a live 3D session - say a 3D game - and turn that into a 3D movie file. We've done that for Burnout Paradise, and our trailer is on

    How are most of our Macinima videos recorded?

    Send me an email at my Gmail accnt.

  4. Nice offer, Andrew. Intrigued to see how the output issue works out. Will check trailer.

    3D is a big deal now. Siggraph will have a whole track devoted to it. Perhaps I can learn more while I'm there and report back to everyone.

    I agree, 3D should be possible for machinima. Now, is it worth the effort?

  5. Ricky, I would love to hear about your impressions from Siggraph.
    We had 3D covered at fmx conference over the last years. This year I attended a session about how they did 'Bolt' in 3D. Never thought before how much you have to know and consider to get a 3D movie technically right. Since most of us are still trying hard to learn basic filmaking and the cinematographic language right, It's quite challenging to explore 3D filmmaking. A genre which still needs it's 'language' to be invented/explored first.

    I don't know sure if it's worth the effort, but with machinima and an easy to handle 3D technology (which Nvidia 3D looks like), machinima filmmakers could be the first to make experiments with 3D on a large scale which might lead to something new and amazing.