Friday, March 26, 2010

Machinima Makers wanted for Bitfilm 2010

Bitfilm festival just send out a 'Call for Ideas' to Machinima makers to contribute for their 'Money & Me' movie project:

"We are looking for ideas for the frame story of our feature film Money & Me. This full-length film about Money will be created from various short films, united by a single frame narrative, and produced by us with the help of the international Machinima community. This frame story, which takes place in the financial scenes of Singapore and London, will make up about 20% of the whole film."

For more informations please have a look at the PDF you find at this project page. It's great machinima again will play an important role at this year's Bitfilm event. As I've mentioned in a recent post, from the partly commercial concept behind 'Money & Me' this excludes all game based machinima. The machinima production doesn't allow any IP strings attached. As Aaron Koenig from Bitfilm told me they plan to shoot the film in Twinity (a German based virtual world like SL) or maybe using the Crytek game engine. I'm not sure if other machinima platforms are an option as well. Right now they are looking for interesting story ideas. In cooperation with the creators of the selected ideas they will develop a script and shoot the film.

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