Saturday, March 6, 2010

3D Moviestorm Machinima

As you may know I'm interested in 3D and 3D Machinima since quite a while. Maybe some of you have followed my Blog posts about that topic. As Phil Rice from z-studios postet recently '3D is (Very Nearly) Here'. It's great to see the first stereoscopic 3D machinima made with Moviestorm has been released. This is not yet a build in standard feature of Moviestorm, but we will see this in the future. This movie is a test piece for Moviestorm's new 3D feature. I hope it will not take too long until this new feature will be officially released. Moviestorm will be a great tool to help us experiment with 3D.

The Graveyard 3D

Yes, YouTube has already implemented a feature to share and view stereoscopic 3D movies. With the viewer once can choose over 10 different ways to view the film. And it's easy now to distribute your 3D movie using YouTube:

HOW TO MAKE 3D YOUTUBE VIDEOS - Yuriythebest's Don't Ask Me Again Guide

YouTube 3d feature

Hope to see your first 3D machinima movie soon. Good luck.


  1. I'm really excited to hear about Moviestorm's 3D feature. The demo looks great, and I can't wait to see what people with do with it!

  2. Hi

    Is there any way to get the original source files?

  3. Andrew: Not now I guess. But I hope tzhey will release some demo files when the new feature is released.