Sunday, August 16, 2009

New Machinima Tools

Some new Machinima Tools appeared on my radar. As Bllius wrote already on his blog,
'Machinima Studio' is a tool that allows you to design, capture and export your own machinima movie-scenes in an easy and intiutive way.. I'll download it today and will have a look. Right now ony a limited set of game content is supported, but that may hopefully change soon.

'MachStudio Pro' is 3D visualization suite based on a real-time (GPU powered) rendering engine. Unfortunaley the price tag makes it affordable for only a few of us.

Two other tools that might be of interest are:

'Mixamo' is a new tool to create 3D character animations based mainly on preset library. The workflow looks a bit like 'Animeeple'

'Evolver' as a website where you can create and customize a 3D character model (avatar) online and export it in a several format to us it in your tool (Animeeple, Mixamo, FaceFX, Blender..). Building an avatar is free, but you have to pay when you want to download the fully rigged avatar.


  1. awesome :) waiting your feedback about "machinima studio". I guess it doesn't work yet with Second Life. thnks

  2. Nie post. Didn't quite get to the MachStudio Pro booth at Siggraph, but it's pitched to the Pro/Pre-Viz market at about $5K. Interesting program but beyond my financial reach.

    Machinima Studio looks good, but reading at their site he offers a Pro version for about $30. Haven't tested it yet, but will soon.

    Haven't heard of the other two programs. Will be sure to check them out.

    Thanks again!


  3. It's only working with WoW right now. But they have plans to add more games.