Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Animatu Festival Nominees

Animatu Festival just announced their list of nominated films for this year. I'm proud and honoured to see Liberty City on it :).

Categoria – Category: Machinima

L‟Aquila e la Nuvola – The Eagle and the Cloud
Realizadores – Directors: Elena La Regina
País – Country: Itália – Italy

Liberty City
Realizadores – Directors: Claus-Dieter Schulz
País – Country: Alemanha – Germany

Room 667
Realizadores – Directors: Sílvia Vieira
País – Country: Portugal

Sweet Nothingness
Realizadores – Directors: Phil Rice
País – Country: EUA – USA

The Spy Who Lives Here
Realizadores – Directors: Pooky Amsterdam, Russel (Rosco) Boyd
País – Country: EUA - USA

The full list of all categories is now online at their website
Congratulations to all !


  1. Congratulations to you too! Our films have to stop meeting like this! ;)

  2. Wonderful! Congratulations to you, Claus. And you, too, Phil! Good luck to you both. I see Pooky and Russell are also on the list. Out of sight!

  3. Thank you Phil and Ricky. Phil, there are at least two option that will prevent our films to meet. Either one of us get's hired by a game company or we start working together on a movie :)
    I hope you'll win, that way we can meet next year at the festival. Guess it will never be easier for me to meet you.

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  5. Pleasure to be in your company too, lads. And with Pooky in, we have another woman represented at a festival :)

    So who's buying the first round when we get to Portugal?