Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Login 2 Life: Where real life meets virtual.

An interesting documentary film on virtual worlds just premiered on German TV. (And it has Machinima in it)

Login 2 Life is a feature documentary about life online and what fascinates people about it so much. The documentary was on location in real life as well as in the virtual worlds the protagonists reside in.

It is available FREE for viewing online till Sunday 23rd Oct 2011:
Login 2 Life ZDF Mediathek

Only a small part is in German only. Most of the film is English language with German subtitles.
The films focus is on Second Life and World of Warcraft and a variety of people using it. It features disabled people using these worlds, virtual sex in SL, WoW machinimator Olibith, chinese WoW gold farmers and others.

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