Saturday, September 25, 2010

An Unreal Space Opera (singing aliens and all)

Just got notice of an amazing machinima movie project. Composer Richard deCosta and his team have started to create a Machinima space opera called "K'ai, Death of Dreams".
They plan to use Unreal 3 for main character and indoor real-time renderer, CryEngine 3 for main exterior real-time renderer and for 2D displays/various 2D elements.
Curious that since a while ago I have in mind to bring opera and machinima together as well. Since I'm not able to write my own opera like they've done, I've had planned to use some well known opera and staging them with machinima. My favourites so far would be a German language opera either from Wagner or Mozart. And like them I had planned to put it in either a Sci-Fi 'Space' setting or a more minimalistic staging like the performances at Amato Opera.

They are now doing a fundraiser at KickStarter for it. The initial round will get the financial ball rolling and get their production crew operating full-time. I hope they'll find enough support and wish them good luck with this very interesting opera project

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