Thursday, February 25, 2010

MMIF 2010 Playlist and Pictures

I had a great time at the MMIF2010 Machinima festival. Festival organizer Chantal Harvey and her team put together an amazing machinima festival. It must have been a lot of work expecially with all the technical stuff involved in setting up such a huge event in both SL and RL. I've unfortunaley not had the chance to attend the whole 9 hours of screening, but I was surprised that when I joined in for the last 3 hours, the place was still crowded and even until the last hour where my movie was shown there was a huge and interested audience watching the movies. It was just announced they will run the festival again next year: MMIF 2011: Saturday february 19th!
I'll try to do my best to improve the quality of my movie work to meet the requirements to attend next year as well. For those of you who couldn't attend the festival and/or want to watch some of the movies shown again, they are available via the following playlist:
Chantal Harvey’s MMIF 2010 playlist

A collection of pictures from the festival can be found at Flickr:

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  1. How wonderful that so many people stayed until the end. I guess some would have come and gone according to time zone, I just managed the first section.-Kate