Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Blender 2.5 released

The first official testing release of Blender 2.5 has been released. Work on Blender 2.5 will proceed alongside the Durian open movie project, along with continued collaborative work from the worldwide developer community leading up to a fully stabilised and production ready Blender 2.6 release in mid 2010. This version of Blender has the Blender Game Engine (BGE) build in so it's a tool for Machinima as well. There might be some changes to the BGE implementation until 2.6 but that gives you enough time to learn the new interace and features of Blender. If you want to have control of everything in your production and as well have a tool with no EULA strings attached, have a look at Blender. Interested? Michael Fox has made some great videos about Blender 2.5 at his Blog 'Blender Labrat'

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