Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Abstract Films

Here is the list of some excellent abstract films I found on YouTube. I hope you find them as interesting and inspiring as they are to me. Hope they will not be removed as fast as the last film I recommended on my blog.

Hans Richter - Rhythmus 21

Hans Richter - Rhythm.21 (1921) (without Music)

Hans Richter - Rhythm.23

Filmstudie - Hans Richter, 1926

Viking Eggeling, Olga Neuwirth: Symphonie Diagonale

Marcel Duchamp - Anemic Cinema

Lichtspiel, Opus 1 - by Walther Ruttmann

Stan Brakhage, "Mothlight" (1963)

Stan Brakhage - Preludes # 01

Stan Brakhage - Delicacies of molten horror synapse (1990)

Oskar Fischinger, in "Fantasia", Walt Disney -1940

Fischinger, Radio Dynamics, 1943

John Whitney-Permutations (1966)

Whitney, James, Yantra, 1950

László Moholy-Nagy's Light-Space Modulator (1922-30)

Le Retour A La Raison by Man Ray 1923


  1. Very nice collection of films, CS. Thanks for posting these.


  2. Haven't seen any of these before, apart from Mothlight which Ricky introduced me to, thanks for the selection.