Saturday, June 27, 2009

The making of: Waltz with Bashir

Last week I got this amazing animated movie on DVD. Guess most of you have seen or heard of Waltz with Bashir already. So I don't want to comment that much on the film itself which is indeed one of my favourite animated films, but on the little gem I've found on the DVD. My version came with an 'Making of' for that film which even for it's own sake is worth buing it. I rarely have seen such and informative and fun to watch documentary on how this film was produces. It covers every aspect from the idea to the final presentation at Cannes festival. It covers artwork, animation, effects, sound and music and adds some nice backround details about the whole creative process.
It's amazing to see how such a marvellous animated feature film is created by such a small team in a short time. The way they did the animation (cut-out technique done in Flash) is just bejond imagination.


  1. Yep, looking forward to buying this DVD. Thanks for the tip on the documentary.

  2. Hope you enjoy watching it as well. I would love to hear how you like the movie and the making of.
    I wish they had an audio commentary track as well.