Monday, May 11, 2009

Machinima Studios@fmx/09

Just returned from this years fmx/09 the 14th International Conference on Animation, Effects, Games and Digital Media which took place in Stuttgart, Germany.
On Wednesday
Friedrich Kirschner ( AMAS ) and I did talk about Machinima, presenting a mix of current research, performance and movies. Friedrich showed some of his current research projects including his famous Ink Scanner , his current version of MovieSandbox2 and did some life performance puppeteering with GameTrak controllers. MovieSandbox2 is Friedrichs new Machinima tool. Different from his original version which was based on the UT2004 this new version is build from scratch (C++ and OpenGL) and will be released as Open-Source hopefully by the end of summer. Can't wait to have a look at it and play around. My part was to show some of the most remarkable Machinima Movies from 2008. Audience response was great. We had much more people attending than last year and more already know about Machinima.
fmx/09 was very inspiring again. I managed to attend some great talks and got new insights and inspiration for further projects. Enough to start this blog to share what I found most interesting. Stay tuned for more.

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